Boardwalk Empire

Broadway Limited

Series 1 - Episode 3 Broadway Limited

Saturday 12:15pm - 1:20pm NOW TV Sky Atlantic
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Saturday, 12:15pm - 1:20pm Sky Atlantic


One of the failings of Boardwalk Empire was its shortage of decent female characters. As this first series went on a few emerged, but to begin with Kelly Macdonald as Margaret Schroeder, effectively the female lead, came across as more of a timid victim of circumstance than anything else, a poor Irish widow who somehow manages to attract the interest of the most powerful man in Atlantic City. “I’m stronger than I look,” she claims in this third episode, but we’re still waiting for the evidence.

Meanwhile, amid all the bizarre 1920s background detail we hear snatches of a song about girls, with the chorus, “The dumber they come, the better I like ’em...” But the key action happens in an unfortunate dentist’s surgery, where Nelson Van Alden, the wild-eyed, square-jawed prohibition agent, shows his not-so-caring side.


The Thompson brothers become engaged in a battle of wills with Van Alden, as they try to prevent the sole survivor of the shooting from revealing anything about the incident. Jimmy begins to worry about what his family got up to while he was at war, while Nucky endures a torrid round of negotiations with Chalky White. Meanwhile, Margaret is surprised when she gets a new job - but her colleagues have no interest in making her feel welcome. Drama, starring Steve Buscemi, Michael Pitt and Kelly Macdonald.

Cast & Crew

Nucky Thompson Steve Buscemi
Jimmy Darmody Michael Pitt
Margaret Schroeder Kelly Macdonald
Agent Nelson Van Alden Michael Shannon
Commodore Louis Kaestner Dabney Coleman
Eli Thompson Shea Whigham
Eddie Kessler Anthony Laciura
Al Capone Stephen Graham
Angela Darmody Aleksa Palladino
Arnold Rothstein Michael Stuhlbarg
Lucky Luciano Vincent Piazza
Lucy Danziger Paz De La Huerta
Mickey Doyle Paul Sparks
Chalky White Michael Kenneth Williams
Gillian Gretchen Mol
Agent Sebso Erik Weiner
Supervisor Frederick Elliot Peter McRobbie
Ward Boss George O'Neill William Hill
Ward Boss Fleming Victor Verhaeghe
Ward Boss Jim Neary Robert Clohessy
Lady Jean Charleigh Parker
Simon Jordan Gelber
Deputy Halloran Adam Mucci
Eddie Cantor Stephen DeRosa
Leo D'Alessio Max Casella
Ignacious D'Alessio Edoardo Ballerini
Robert Dittrich Josiah Early
Mary Dittrich Lisa Joyce
Edith Barbara Tirrell
Isabelle Anna Katarina
Dr Brubaker Tuck Milligan
Dr Cuomo Mark Lotito
Dr Karl Lissenger Kenneth Tigar
Director Tim Van Patten
Writer Margaret Nagle
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