Series 1 - Episode 1



Danny Brocklehurst’s wild scramble of a comedy drama announces itself with a Trainspotting-style voiceover. You remember the one (“Choose life, choose a job…” etc) except here “choose” has been replaced with a four-letter word in a tirade against middle-class values delivered by Vinnie, a bipolar thief who is driving a stolen BMW down a country lane with the police in pursuit.

Vinnie (Joseph Gilgun) is the linchpin for a gang of Lancashire lads and a farcical plot that involves stealing a Shetland pony to order, a sex dungeon, a game of poker and a bottle of chloroform. It’s foul-mouthed, filthy and enjoyably chaotic but Brocklehurst knows how to write this kind of thing (he was a lead writer on Shameless) and the cast is first rate. Look out for a cameo from Dominic West as a GP whose mind is anywhere but on his patients.


After a day involving a cross-country car chase, a Shetland pony, a jar of chloroform and a pigeon named Nigel, Vinnie and his crew become tangled up with a local crime boss who sets out to make an example of them. Comedy about a group of working-class friends finding unconventional ways to win at life in northern suburbia, starring Joe Gilgun and Michelle Keegan.

Cast & Crew

Vinnie Joe Gilgun
Erin Michelle Keegan
Dylan Damien Molony
Cardi Tom Hanson
Ash Aaron Heffernan
Tommo Ryan Sampson
JJ Parth Thakerar
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