24 Hours in A&E

Series 1 - Episode 12



Monday is always busy in King’s College Hospital’s A&E, and with only five beds it means a lot of shuffling, as senior sister Jen explains. “You hope one or two [patients] will go up for a CT scan, so you can use their beds to assess a couple more before they’re back. Hopefully another might have to go to theatre straight away.”

Patients with stab wounds, epilepsy, aneurysms and an overdose pass through A&E, but the saddest sight of all is a relative. As his father is wheeled away to the operating theatre, a bewildered, middle-ageson stands, clutching a carrier bag, wondering whether he should have told his dad he loved him.


A man is brought in with stomach pains and a suspected abdominal aortic aneurysm. His son receives a huge blow when he is told his father only has a 50 per cent chance of surviving the operation he urgently needs. A 33-year-old is treated after swallowing a cocktail of drugs in a suicide attempt, and staff fight to save a teenager who was stabbed in a street fight and has lost a life-threatening amount of blood.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Nick Curwin
Executive Producer Magnus Temple
Series Director Anthony Philipson
Series Director Amy Flanagan
Series Producer Anthony Philipson
Series Producer Amy Flanagan
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