Knight of a Thousand Devils

Series 4 - Episode 17 Knight of a Thousand Devils



A mobster enters a dune-buggy race to cover his attempt to cross the border - so Michael and Kitt sign up to put a stop to his plans. Action adventure, starring David Hasselhoff.

Cast & Crew

Michael Knight David Hasselhoff
Devon Miles Edward Mulhare
Bonnie Barstow Patricia McPherson
Kitt William Daniels
'RC3' Reginald Cornelius III Peter Parros
Ronald Becker Jonathan Goldsmith
Claudia Torrell Kathy Shower
Anna-Lucia Cortez Ada Maris
Rodrigo DeLorca Henry Darrow
Bambi Dona Speir
Candi Venice Kong
Federal agent Bruce Neckels
Director Gino Grimaldi
Writer Peter Allan Fields
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