A Cop, a Mountie and a Baby

Series 1 - Episode 11 A Cop, a Mountie and a Baby

Fri 11 Dec 3:30am - 4:15am Sony Channel


Ray finds an abandoned baby, which promptly makes an enemy of him by vomiting all over his designer jacket. Benton, on the other hand, comes over all broody, and displays his paternal instincts while searching for the mother. Guest starring Mark Ruffalo.

Cast & Crew

Benton Fraser Paul Gross
Ray Vecchio David Marciano
Vinny Mark Ruffalo
Welsh Beau Starr
Gardino Daniel Kash
Huey Tony Craig
Elaine Catherine Bruhier
Louise Natalie Radford
Director Steve DiMarco
Writer Kathy Slevin
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Drama Comedy