The Witness

Series 2 - Episode 3 The Witness



Vecchio is found guilty of contempt of court and thrown into prison while trying to pin a murder charge on an old adversary. Ever willing to help a friend in need, Fraser takes a crash-course in crime and joins his banged-up buddy to investigate the case from the inside. Light-hearted drama, starring Paul Gross and David Marciano.

Cast & Crew

Con Benton Fraser Paul Gross
Det Ray Vecchio David Marciano
Welsh Beau Starr
Huey Tony Craig
Gardino Daniel Kash
Elaine Catherine Bruhier
Fraser Sr Gordon Pinsent
Ovitz Scott Gibson
Thatcher Camilla Scott
St Laurent Lee Purcell
Judge Shore Nicky Guadagni
Kreuger Aiden Devine
Director Steve DiMarco
Producer Robert Wertheimer
Writer Peter Mohan
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Drama Comedy