Chicago Holiday - Part Two

Series 1 - Episode 10 Chicago Holiday - Part Two



Part two of two. Fraser searches for the Canadian diplomat's daughter, hoping to find out where she is before one of Chicago's most-wanted men catches up with her.

Cast & Crew

Constable Benton Fraser Paul Gross
Det Ray Vecchio David Marciano
Lt Welsh Beau Starr
Det Louis Gardino Daniel Kash
Det Jack Huey Tony Craig
Christina Nichols Lisa Jakub
Janice Deluca Stacey Haiduk
Eddie Beets Stephen Shellen
Mr Nickols Ron Lea
Esther Pearson Deborah Rennard
Gerome Peter Williams
Holly Cole Trio Holly Cole
Director Lyndon Chubbuck
Writer Jeff King
Writer Paul Haggis
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Drama Comedy