White Men Can't Jump to Conclusions

Series 2 - Episode 13 White Men Can't Jump to Conclusions



Fraser investigates a gang-related shooting incident, which proves much more complicated than he first thought. The prime suspect is a local teenager who even confesses to the crime - but the Canadian Mountie remains unconvinced. Police comedy drama, starring Paul Gross.

Cast & Crew

Benton Fraser Paul Gross
Det Ray Vecchio David Marciano
Welsh Beau Starr
Huey Tony Craig
Thatcher Camilla Scott
Tyree Leonard Roberts
Reggie Chauncey B Raglin-Washington
Lou Tab Baker
Mrs Cameron Alison Sealy-Smith
Judge Laura Dickson
Boot carrier Neville Edwards
Neighbour Lloyd White
Director Steve DiMarco
Producer Robert Wertheimer
Writer David Shore
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Drama Comedy