Beneath the Surface

Series 8 - Episode 11 Beneath the Surface



The Royal is in trouble. You can tell because Paul McCartney sings Yesterday over the opening scenes. It’s sad because this is the penultimate episode of the daft but endearing 60s hospital soap. After next week, The Royal follows its parent Heartbeat to the TV Drama Series Morgue.

The hospital urgently needs funds for restoration work but the health authority won’t stump up. So private donors must be found. But first, as Led Zeppelin’s Whole Lotta Love plays over the action (I’ve no idea why), we see a burglar get shot as he enters a cottage. It turns out the young man is wholly innocent but badly wounded. And you’ll be able to see where this story is going from about 15 miles away.


Jean announces that Casualty may have to close in light of a financial package to repair the department being rejected. With no admissions or emergency surgery, a round of cost-cutting redundancies seems inevitable - until a mystery benefactor offers to help. Meanwhile, Dr Weatherill risks everything to save a homeless man trapped at a building site. Guest starring George Irving.

Cast & Crew

Dr Ralph Ellis Neil McDermott
Nurse Carol Selby Diana May
Dr Jill Weatherill Amy Robbins
Sister Brigid Linda Armstrong
Jean McAteer Glynis Barber
Matron Wendy Craig
Dr Gordon Ormerod Robert Daws
Student nurse Faye Clark Lauren Drummond
Jack Bell Gareth Hale
Lizzie Hopkirk Michelle Hardwick
Mr Rose Denis Lill
Alun Morris Andy Wear
Gary Nesbitt Joseph Phillips
Nesbitt Paul Copley
DS Morrell Gerard Fletcher
Officer Pratchett William Ilkley
Ken Letham Stuart McGugan
Terence Mavers George Irving
Director David Kester
Producer Ken Horn
Writer John Flanagan
Writer Andrew McCulloch
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