The Inspector Lynley Mysteries

Know Thine Enemy

Series 6 - Episode 2 Know Thine Enemy



Feature-length episode. A diabetic girl disappears without her insulin, and Lynley discovers she was last seen talking to a couple who had previously been sighted with a youngster later found drowned in a lake. The detective stages a press appeal, hoping to learn more about the mysterious pair and reveal their roles in both cases. Crime drama, starring Nathaniel Parker and Sharon Small.

Cast & Crew

Det Insp Thomas Lynley Nathaniel Parker
Det Sgt Barbara Havers Sharon Small
Tania Thompson Honeysuckle Weeks
Guy Thompson James D'Arcy
Assistant Commissioner Evans Michael Feast
DC Winston Nkata Shaun Parkes
Stuart Lafferty Paul Hickey
DC Ed Harvey Mark Bonnar
Anna Stevens Barbara Wilshere
Tony Stevens Robin Kermode
Patrick Middleton Kit Jackson
Kate Myers Kate Miles
John Folkard Guy Williams
Mike Thompson Nicholas Gecks
Derek Tripp Tim Wallers
Josh Tyler Joel Dommett
Maggie Lorraine Stanley
Marion Stein Glynis Brooks
Kelly Stevens Eleanor Gecks
George David Earl
Tania's mother Janet Spencer-Turner
Tania's father Vincent Brimble
Technician Ken Bradshaw
Doctor Rachel Bavidge
Uniformed officer Tony Lucken
Director Graham Theakston
Producer David Boulter
Writer Ed Whitmore
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