Boardwalk Empire


Series 1 - Episode 4 Anastasia

Saturday 1:20pm - 2:25pm NOW TV Sky Atlantic
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Saturday, 1:20pm - 2:25pm Sky Atlantic


Casting Stephen Graham as the young Al Capone is a masterstroke. Graham’s Capone is the real deal — reckless, deluded, and liable to tip into violence at any moment. In short (which in his case is part of the problem) he’s the very opposite of the stylish Nucky (Steve Buscemi) who built his Atlantic City empire with savvy, deal-making and by having others
do his dirty work.

One way or another, there’s no shortage of dirty work tonight, so brace yourselves. The story is taking on a sharper edge. Even Margaret Schroeder (Kelly Macdonald) finds her tongue tonight and it proves worth the wait. The standout scene is a monologue from Chalky White (Michael Kenneth Williams) as the leader of the black community coming face to face with a Ku Klux Klan head.


Jimmy hides in Chicago under the protection of Torrio and Al Capone, but an act of violence threatens to cause further bloodshed. Back in Atlantic City, Nucky encourages his brother to solve the racially-motivated killing of one of Chalky's employees, and `Lucky' Luciano falls for Jimmy's showgirl mother. Crime drama, starring Michael Pitt, Greg Antonacci, Stephen Graham and Steve Buscemi.

Cast & Crew

Nucky Thompson Steve Buscemi
Jimmy Darmody Michael Pitt
Margaret Schroeder Kelly Macdonald
Agent Nelson Van Alden Michael Shannon
Commodore Louis Kaestner Dabney Coleman
Eli Thompson Shea Whigham
Eddie Kessler Anthony Laciura
Al Capone Stephen Graham
Angela Darmody Aleksa Palladino
Arnold Rothstein Michael Stuhlbarg
Lucky Luciano Vincent Piazza
Lucy Danziger Paz De La Huerta
Mickey Doyle Paul Sparks
Chalky White Michael Kenneth Williams
Gillian Gretchen Mol
Johnny Torrio Greg Antonacci
Pearl Emily Meade
Joseph Earl Dinler Scott Sowers
Senator Walter Edge Geoff Pierson
Boss Mayor Frank Hague Chris Mulkey
Babette Tracy Lynn Middendorf
Deputy Halloran Adam Mucci
Leo D'Alessio Max Casella
Ignacious D'Alessio Edoardo Ballerini
Edith Barbara Tirrell
Isabelle Anna Katarina
Liam Sean Weil
Charlie Sheridan Frank Shattuck
Madame Regina Susan Varon
Director Jeremy Podeswa
Writer Margaret Nagle
Writer Lawrence Konner
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