Bless You, Hawkeye

Series 9 - Episode 17 Bless You, Hawkeye



Psychiatrist Sidney Freedman delves into Hawkeye's past looking for clues to explain his uncontrollable sneezing, and finds a host of irritations getting up his nose. Korean War comedy, starring Alan Alda, David Ogden Stiers and Mike Farrell.

Cast & Crew

Hawkeye Pierce Alan Alda
Captain BJ Hunnicutt Mike Farrell
Colonel Sherman T Potter Harry Morgan
Major Margaret Houlihan Loretta Swit
Maj Charles Winchester David Ogden Stiers
Corporal Maxwell Q Klinger Jamie Farr
Father Francis Mulcahy William Christopher
Maj Sidney Freedman Allan Arbus
Director Neil Cox
Writer Thad Mumford
Writer Dan Wilcox
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