Series 1 - Episode 3 339



This tale of out-of-control Wall Street types in the 1980s has calmed down a bit from its frenetic start. That still makes it more chaotic, coke-fuelled and daft than anything else out there – a sort of Itchy and Scratchy Do Wall Street – but we’re starting to get to know the characters and see, if not their depths, then further into their shallows.

We see trader Keith’s gay secret life, as well as the wife he can’t or won’t escape. We meet whip-smart Dawn’s parents, who don’t approve of her high-rolling job and would rather she got pregnant than promoted. And for pure pleasure we get a music montage set to Tears for Fears’ Shout with a well-timed “You shouldn’t have to sell your soul…”


Mo attempts to create a bond with Blair, and Keith struggles to keep his secret hidden. Meanwhile, Dawn and Spencer attend a lively dinner with Dawn's parents.

Cast & Crew

Actor Don Cheadle
Actor Andrew Rannells
Actor Regina Hall
Actor Paul Scheer