Rock ‘n' Roll Umlaut

Series 8 - Episode 6 Rock ‘n' Roll Umlaut



After struggling in so many of Taskmaster’s fiendish missions, Paul Sinha finally thinks he’s found his niche when one task requires a solid use of memory to triumph. But, predictably, things don’t quite go according to plan for him. Yet again.

This is just one of many tragic yet hilarious morsels in this episode, such as when Joe Thomas is cornered into improvising a song that leaves both Greg Davies and Alex Horne biting their hands in bewilderment and mild embarrassment.

But what this show does so well is create proper drama out of the mundane, meaning you can’t help but become invested in seeing five grown adults send toilet rolls at slow speed down a mild slope. If that’s not TV at its finest, what is?


Alex Horne takes scrupulous notes as Paul Sinha squats in a telephone box, and Iain Stirling stakes his claim for the Scottish national football team.

Cast & Crew

Host Greg Davies
Co-host Alex Horne
Contestant Iain Stirling
Contestant Paul Sinha