Casualty 24/7

Series 2 - Episode 2



This episode, on the documentary that takes a light-hearted, chatty approach to emergency medicine: it’s -3°C in Barnsley, so the A&E staff prepare for a cavalcade of oldies with broken bones sustained when slipping on ice. A woman whose pain relief makes her talk like she’s had four gin and lemonades, and an 80-year-old whose chief concern is messing up a hairdo she only had done yesterday, are good opportunities for the doctors and nurses to display their lovely bedside manners. Once a man who’s had a cardiac arrest is sorted out, we’re back to patching people up and sunnily sending them on their way.

TV accent of the week, meanwhile, belongs to doctor Sebastian, who’s from Romania and is now based in Yorkshire, but did his training in Ireland. I’d love to hear him read an audiobook.


A critically ill patient is brought into the emergency department after suffering a sudden cardiac arrest whilst in a local cafe with his wife. Meanwhile, doctor Bharath Reddy treats Maxine, who broke her wrist when she slipped de-icing the car, and another patient is treated after fracturing her shoulder.

Cast & Crew

Director Gavin Barclay
Director John Nichols
Executive Producer Kerry Brierley
Executive Producer Elaine Hackett
Producer Gavin Barclay
Producer John Nichols
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Documentary Science