The Restaurant That Makes Mistakes

The Restaurant that Makes Mistakes

Series 1 - Episode 1 The Restaurant that Makes Mistakes



Incomplete orders, lax service and forgotten reservations would be, at any other restaurant, cause for complaint. But this is a restaurant that defiantly makes mistakes. Staffed by people living with dementia and led by Michelin-starred chef Josh Eggleton, this Bristol pop-up may sound like a stunt – but it has an earnest purpose.

Four out of five people who are diagnosed with dementia before retirement age lose their jobs, but this is a huge swathe of society that may be being prematurely written off. The show’s participants, many of whom are in their 50s and 60s, sit an initial evaluation before undertaking five weeks of waiting tables, cooking and making drinks to see whether getting back to work can bring about positive changes in their cognitive abilities.


Four-part documentary following a daring experiment in which the UK's first-ever restaurant staffed by people with dementia opens its doors. Fourteen volunteers, all living with some form of the illness, run the restaurant in Bristol, hoping to raise awareness of the disease and the impact it can have on those still of working age. In the first episode, 23-year-old Jordan, gynaecologist and obstetrician Avril, and legal representative Jacqui embark on a shift in the high-pressure restaurant, under the guidance of Michelin-starred chef Josh Eggleton.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Trish Powell
Executive Producer Murray Boland
Executive Producer Martin Oxley
Series Director Benjamin Leigh