Wild Bill

Series 1 - Episode 1



Well, this is an oddity, a fish out of water police drama with Rob Lowe (Rob Lowe!) as a crime-busting, statistics-and-algorithm-driven American cop who takes over as chief constable (chief constable!) of a large patch of rural Lincolnshire (rural Lincolnshire!).

Lowe isn’t the problem, he’s a terrific actor with a deft comedy touch, but the tone of Wild Bill is strange and uneven. It’s very dark, yet tries to be a bit wacky and it doesn’t quite work. But who knows, once the clichéd first episode is out of the way, Wild Bill could settle down. To become what, though, I’m not entirely sure.

Lowe is well served by his co-stars, particularly Bronwyn James as a very capable, very down-to-earth detective constable, and Susan Lynch as the distraught mother of a missing teenager. But is this the wrong time to mention that British chief constables don’t actually go out and investigate crimes?


New series. Comedy drama following an American police chief as he moves to the UK and joins the Lincolnshire Police Force. High-flying police officer Bill Hixon arrives in Boston, Lincolnshire to start a new life with his 14-year-old daughter in an effort to escape painful memories in their recent past. However, Bill is not welcomed by his new team, as his deputry Lydia Price makes no secret of her disdain for him, and local journalist Lisa Cranston grills him on his approach. Starring Rob Lowe, Rachael Stirling and Angela Griffin.

Cast & Crew

Bill Hixon Rob Lowe
DC Muriel Yeardsley Bronwyn James
Mary Harborough Rachael Stirling
ACC Lydia Price Anjli Mohindra
Keith Metcalfe Tony Pitts
PC Sean Cobley Anthony Flanagan
PC Drakes Divian Ladwa
Lisa Cranston Angela Griffin
Broadbent Vicki Pepperdine
Oleg Kraznov Aleksandar Jovanovic
DS Alex Blair Steffan Rhodri
Kelsey Aloreia Spencer
Angie Susan Lynch
Dr Marks Pamela Nomvete
Arthur AKA Underpants Stephen Agnew
Shaven Head Angus Brown
Marek Rudnicka Julian Kostov
Opera Singer Diana Pocol
Melissa Stainsford Hollie Dennard Woolhead
Director Charles Martin
Executive Producer Rob Lowe
Executive Producer David Griffiths
Executive Producer Kyle Killen
Executive Producer Scott Pennington
Executive Producer Ben Pugh
Executive Producer Keith Redmon
Executive Producer Eleanor Moran
Executive Producer Rory Aitken
Executive Producer Tim Carter
Executive Producer Dudi Appleton
Executive Producer Jim Keeble
Producer Peter McAleese
Producer Chris Thompson
Writer Dudi Appleton
Writer Jim Keeble
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