Year of the Rabbit

Year of the Rabbit

Series 1 - Episode 1



“London fog, tuppence a jar!” cries a street urchin and we’re straight into a spoofy, silly 1880s, where our hero is Inspector Rabbit (Matt Berry), a detective with one eyebrow, a drink problem and a dodgy heart that often needs restarting in the middle of chase sequences.

Not many sitcoms open with this much confidence, but Year of the Rabbit finds excellent comic mileage in the previously unmapped territory where Ripper Street meets A Touch of Cloth.

In the opening episode, Rabbit gets saddled with a posh new sidekick (Freddie Fox), while his Chief Inspector’s adopted daughter (Susan Wokoma) is determined to prove herself as the unthinkable – a female copper (or “filly-fuzz”). Meanwhile John Merrick, a slightly camp Elephant Man, is Rabbit’s unlikely informant in the underworld.

There are pratfalls, one-liners, a lot of swearing and a very funny bicycle gag. And Berry gives it his all.


Comedy drama set in Victorian London. Detective Inspector Eli Rabbit and his new partner Sgt Wilbur Strauss are sent to investigate the murder of another young women that doesn't appear that unusual until they notice a second bullet hole and a mysterious symbol on her make-up compact. This leads them on a labyrinthine quest for the killer, rubbing shoulders with crooked politicians along the way, as well as teaming up with the daughter of the chief of police. Starring Matt Berry, Alun Armstrong, Freddie Fox and Susan Wokoma.

Cast & Crew

Rabbit Matt Berry
Wilbur Strauss Freddie Fox
Mabel Wisbech Susan Wokoma
Hugh Wisbech Alun Armstrong
Merrick David Dawson
Tanner Paul Kaye
Gwendoline Ann Mitchell
Lydia Keeley Hawes
Claudette Julie Dray
Man in blue hat Muzz Khan
Vicar George Potts
Bearded lady Leigh Quinn
Street urchin Daisy Samways
Mr Milsom Daniel Tuite
Edith Caitlin Walsh
Newspaper seller David Webber
Linley Angus Wright
Director Ben Taylor
Producer Hannah Mackay
Writer Andy Riley
Writer Kevin Cecil
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Drama Comedy