The Handmaid's Tale

Mary and Martha

Series 3 - Episode 2 Mary and Martha



Aunt Lydia Lives! When it was left vague whether Emily had finished her off (having stabbed her and shoved her down a staircase), we suspected we hadn’t seen the last of the nasty old brute, and sure enough she turns up at June’s new home with the Lawrences, injured but indomitable.

There’s a signal moment when Lydia asks Commander Lawrence (Bradley Whitford) if he has practised the ritual known as the Ceremony with his new Handmaid yet. They haven’t, but Lawrence lies coolly, “Yup. Aces. Praise be…”

That relationship between June – Ofjoseph, as she now is – and her new Commander will clearly form a big part of season three. Is he her saviour or a special kind of monster?


June helps the Marthas with a dangerous task while navigating a relationship with her untrustworthy new walking partner. Emily and Luke struggle with their altered circumstances. Dystopian drama, starring Elisabeth Moss and Joseph Fiennes.

Cast & Crew

June Elisabeth Moss
Hurt Martha Seema Doad
Emily Alexis Bledel
Luke O-T Fagbenle
Fred Waterford Joseph Fiennes