63 Up

Series 1 - Episode 1



The beloved series that began with Seven Up! catches up with eight of the participants in late middle age. As everyone is older, mellower and settled into the well-worn grooves of their lives, there aren’t too many surprises, at least not in this first episode (63 Up continues tomorrow and Thursday). There is, though, considerable poignancy and sadness.

Everyone remembers little Tony (“I wanna be a jockey, I wanna be a jockey when I grow up”), who’s still a cabbie and is back home after his plans for a Spanish business venture failed. He’s had health problems and has a bit of a paunch, but feels he’s “more health-conscious than ever”. His wife Debbie disagrees: “No you ain’t, because you eat a lot of chocolate.”

Andrew (“I’m going to Charterhouse and then Trinity Hall, Cambridge”) is a successful solicitor now considering retirement, while Nick, the farmer’s son from Yorkshire, tries not to look too far ahead.


Documentary update following a group of Britons whose lives have been chronicled from the age of seven. Director Michael Apted, who has helmed the series since 1964, finds out what has happened since the likes of Tony, Andrew, Sue, Nick, Jackie and Bruce since they last spoke to the cameras in 2012.

Cast & Crew

Director Michael Apted
Executive Producer Sally Evans
Executive Producer Ceri Aston
Producer Claire Lewis