Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords

Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords

Series 5 - Episode 1



Exploring the grim underside of an overstretched rental market might not sound like great television. But this includes the kind of ugly confrontations you feel you shouldn’t be watching, but can’t help being gripped by.

A volatile tenant in Darwen, Lancashire, has an ongoing feud with his managing agent that results in some impressively edgy rows: tenant Dean seems to have no hesitation about threatening violence while on camera – at deafening volume.

Meanwhile, you feel for Pauline in south London, whose high-street retail space has been taken over by squatters. Pauline has to give the leased shop – empty and in good order – back to her landlord or face stiff financial penalties. But the trespassers refuse to budge.


Documentary highlighting alarming tales from all sides of the buy-to-let system, drawing attention to stories of unruly tenants who refuse to pay their dues and rogue landlords who have failed to live up to their responsibilities. Paul discovers that an unruly tenant may be planning to do a runner.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Nick Godwin
Series Producer Simon Greenwood
Documentary Property