7 Up & Me

7 Up & Me


Actor Michael Sheen cringes at his pompous, pretentious, arty, 21-year-old self being interviewed for local television before his first stage role. Sheen has no compunction in saying if he were to meet that version of himself now, “I would run up to him and punch him in the face.”

This surprisingly sweet and funny documentary is an amuse-bouche for tomorrow’s main course, the latest instalment in the Seven Up! series, 63 Up. Although Seven Up and Me features celebrities and Stanley Johnson, there’s no froth; it’s honest and revealing, with a good range of contributors.

Sally Lindsay, Ben Bailey Smith, Micky Flanagan, John Thomson, Richard E Grant and others comment on snippets from the beloved show that has followed a handful of men and women at seven years intervals since its first episode was broadcast as part of World in Action in 1964.


In 1964, Granada TV brought together a group of seven-year-olds for a ground-breaking programme, which for more than half a century has followed how their lives have unfolded. To celebrate the latest instalment 63 Up, famous fans of the show explain why it means so much to them and give a personal insight into how the programme has reflected major milestones of their own lives. Including contributions by Micky Flanagan, Richard E Grant, Sebastian Coe, John Thomson, Michael Sheen, Julia Bradbury and Tony Robinson and 63 Up's producer and director Michael Apted.

Cast & Crew

Director John Piper
Director Tim Hopewell
Executive Producer Sally Evans
Producer John Piper
Producer Tim Hopewell