Series 2 - Episode 5



“I want something in my life that isn’t built on lies... and isn’t about money,” fabulously wealthy murderer and art dealer Georgina Clios tells new love Noah with a straight face. Who’s she kidding? The woman wouldn’t recognise the truth if it was framed and hung on the wall. But then his search for a Vermeer stolen by the Nazis is a little suspicious too, quite frankly. He, like everyone else in this glossy drama, is not what he seems.

Meanwhile, Irina wants to make Adam’s disappearance official because, as she so charmingly says to the woman who murdered her son, “someone’s got to clear up the mess!”


Georgina throws herself into the quest to find Noah's lost painting. Meanwhile, Adriana and Nico Eltham grow closer, despite warnings from Christos.

Cast & Crew

Georgina Clios Julia Stiles
Constantine Clios Anthony LaPaglia
Irina Lena Olin
Adam Clios Iwan Rheon
Christos Clios Dimitri Leonidas
Robert Carver Adrian Lester
Adriana Clios Roxane Duran
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