The Barrel Dad

Series 8 - Episode 4 The Barrel Dad



It’s always a treat on Taskmaster when the comedians either completely misunderstand the task in hand and end up doing something incredibly convoluted, or when an action replay is required that catches someone out on a technicality. Happily, both happen during this episode, with the results creating a mix of faux and genuine annoyance between the contestants.

Tensions arise during a team task (Iain Stirling, described earlier on in the episode as “dysfunctionally competitive”, finds it hard to watch the events back), Sian Gibson describes her meagre efforts in one task as being like a bad Carry On film (and that’s being kind) while the whole thing culminates in a surprisingly tense finale involving frying pans and hula hoops.


The competitive nature of Taskmaster bubbles alarmingly to the surface as a simple team task involving a hammock exposes tensions between two of the five comics vying to win.

Cast & Crew

Host Greg Davies
Co-host Alex Horne