Series 10 - Episode 7 Builder



Actor Steve Oram has cornered the market in sitcom builders. He was last seen a few weeks ago trying to fix up the crumbling country pile in Ghosts and now here he is in suburbia fitting Lee and Lucy’s kitchen. Or rather, not fitting it.

Oram’s character, Dave, is taking advantage of Lee’s complete inability to assert himself – and mostly reading the paper and eating biscuits. With Lucy breathing down Lee’s neck and Toby mocking him, our spineless hero needs to overcome his deep fear of confrontation.

Either that or call on the scariest person he knows – Anna. Will she send Dave to the naughty step? “In my experience,” says Toby, “it’s more like the hurt locker.”


Lucy takes the kids away to her parents while Lee stays in the house to oversee the building work being done their kitchen, but unfortunately the tradesman he has employed has an annoyingly relaxed attitude to deadlines. Comedy, starring Lee Mack and Sally Bretton.

Cast & Crew

Lee Lee Mack
Lucy Sally Bretton
Anna Abigail Cruttenden
Toby Hugh Dennis
Dave the builder Steve Oram
Director Nick Wood
Producer Jamie Rix
Writer Lee Mack
Writer Sarah Morgan
Writer Daniel Peak
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