Series 3 - Episode 5 Friday



The importance of good, fundamentally decent characters is largely overlooked by TV writers. Not only are they crucial to this sad, sweet sitcom but they are lovable, too. Would-be partners Cathy and Michael (Lesley Manville and Peter Mullan) fend off the petty fixations and cruel putdowns of the world around them with enviable grace.

And when an opportunity at last presents itself to Michael, writer Stefan Golaszewski pours his heart into the scene. It's been a long time coming, but its timing feels as though it has been measured to the second. And such is the beauty of Michael's words that they could have you sobbing like a baby. TV scene of the year? Yes, by miles.


The family are stuck indoors as the weather takes a turn for the worse. Pauline receives a visitor and Cathy comes to an important decision. Comedy, starring Lesley Manville.

Cast & Crew

Cathy Lesley Manville
Michael Peter Mullan
Pauline Dorothy Atkinson
Derek Ross Boatman
Kelly Lisa McGrillis
Jason Sam Swainsbury
Reg Karl Johnson
Maureen Marlene Sidaway
Director Stefan Golaszewski
Executive Producer Kenton Allen
Executive Producer Richard Laxton
Executive Producer Stefan Golaszewski
Producer Lyndsay Robinson
Writer Stefan Golaszewski
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