Series 1 - Episode 6 Reform



The women are visited by a group of former offenders who try to help inmates go straight. Sinead is increasingly convinced of Darby's involvement in Alison's accident.

Cast & Crew

Chloe Anderson Katherine Rose Morley
Dominique Darby Alicya Eyo
Sinead Kovac Christine Tremarco
Sherri Simms Louisa Holloway
Elaine Tina Malone
Kelso Lynn Kennedy
Becky Laura Morgan
Brian Trent Paul Broughton
Alison Hayes Trudie Goodwin
Corinne Nelson Natasha Jonas
Amira Khan Alexandra D'Sa
Sami Gilani Dinita Gohil
Joyce Edevan Lu Corfield
Janine Dolan Jane Hazlegrove
Heather Raffie Julien
Director Donna Molloy
Director Gary Williams
Executive Producer Colim McKeown
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