24 Hours in A&E

24 Hours in A&E

Series 18 - Episode 3



Endurance, both immediate and sustained, is celebrated tonight, in typically engrossing fashion. Tania, 40, who is originally from Madeira, is in a terrible state after being hit by a car; her daughter Liliana recounts the difficult decisions her mother had to make in order to provide for her children. Another family drawn closer together by adversity is that of Edwin, 77, and his partner Jeanette, who describe how they found each other later in life, and now face a challenging diagnosis.

And Lilli, a semi-professional footballer, is in A&E after getting an elbow to the face during a match – but as her mum explains, that’s nothing for Lilli, who is a study in resilience.


Forty-year-old Tania is rushed to St George's with life-threatening injuries, having been knocked over while crossing a road, while semi-professional footballer Lilli arrives in A&E after being elbowed in the face during a match. Seventy-seven-year-old Edwin is rushed to resus bleeding from a tumour on his neck, and as the medical team examines the wound, his partner Jeanette explains how their romance blossomed in later life. When a maxillofacial specialist arrives to plan the next stage of Edwin's treatment, it forces his family to confront the very painful truth.

Cast & Crew

Director Joe John
Executive Producer Lucie Duxbury
Producer Joe John
Series Director Joanna Rowlands
Series Director Tom Wilde
Series Editor Liz Collier
Series Producer Joanna Rowlands
Series Producer Tom Wilde
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