Stand By Your Man

Series 10 - Episode 18 Stand By Your Man



Good episode alert! Some 220-odd episodes in, it can’t be easy to come up with new story avenues on this show, but the idea of Jay selling his novelty dog beds on a TV shopping channel is a peach.

The only shame is that it takes second billing to Phil hosting a pay-per-view night in the hope of impressing his daughters’ boyfriends. In the opening scene, Phil nibbles the tiniest taste of a chilli from the deli platter he’s ordered and goes into meltdown. It’s an old gag, but Ty Burrell’s physical comedy is always a joy.

Meanwhile, Mitchell tries to play the cowboy at Cam’s line-dancing night, but his beer-chugging skills let him down badly.


Phil feels emasculated when Bill wows Dylan and Luke with heroic tales. He gets them over for some male bonding, but it goes rather wrong.