The Yorkshire Steam Railway: All Aboard

The Heat Is On

Series 2 - Episode 1 The Heat Is On



There’s a real charm to this series, even though it is basically Thomas & Friends for grown-ups. The scenery is idyllic, the staff endearingly eccentric and the grand old locos are imbued with real character. But as we return to the North Yorkshire moors for a second run, there’s trouble trackside due to a summer heatwave. With the engines spitting sparks, there’s a risk that the countryside could be set ablaze.

Not that everything in this opening episode is so apocalyptic. In fact, most of the problems get accompanied by a jaunty oom-pah brass band soundtrack, so we know they’re not serious. For example, tune in to find out how the team copes with a train’s dodgy clack valve.


A summer heatwave brings record numbers to the railway, though joy turns to despair for the staff when it looks like the railway will be prevented from running its iconic steam engines through a tinder-dry national park. Through a series of expensive preventative measures - including hiring in a couple of heritage diesel trains and having a makeshift fire truck follow every engine - boss Chris manages to keep the business running. The engine shed workers are also kept busy trying to get star locomotive Eric steaming again.

Cast & Crew

Director James Worby
Director Philip Shotton
Executive Producer Diene Petterle
Producer James Worby
Producer Philip Shotton
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