Urban Myths: Madonna and Basquiat

Urban Myths: Madonna and Basquiat

Series 3



A low-key instalment of the celebrity-encounter anthology pitches us into the filthy human stew that is a New York subway train in 1982. Riding it are hot cult artist Jean-Michel Basquiat (Calvin Demba) and his girlfriend, Madonna (Sophie Kennedy Clark) – at this point, she’s a cocky but unknown wannabe who’s hatching a plan to demand a deal from record company mogul Seymour Stein.

While fending off drunks and racists, the pair provoke and inspire each other, riffing on fame, acclaim, money and how much of each they want. Although the script skims it lightly, the moment where a focused future megastar and soon-to-be lamented lost talent part ways is worth pondering.


Comedy drama about a pre-fame Madonna's short but passionate and influential relationship with artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. Comedy drama, with Sophie Kennedy Clark and Calvin Demba.