Meet the Hedgehogs

Meet the Hedgehogs

Series 2 - Episode 2



Who would be a hedgehog? Threats are numerous and at every turn: cars, dogs, hedge strimmers, bonfires and even bowling greens.

Young and injured hogs are constantly being brought in to the wildlife centre established by Brian May and Anne Brummer, with the creatures suffering from a range of problems, including disorientation, dehydration and a case of mange that is the worst Anne has seen in 15 years. Not all of the outcomes are happy, but it’s hard to think of a more adorable sight than an anaesthetised hedgehog gently snoring. Even Steve Backshall can’t handle its cuteness.


The second of two programmes going behind the scenes at Amazing Grace Rescue Centre, as cameras follow a pregnant hedgehog about to give birth. Sadly, two of the tiny hoglets are born incredibly weak, and do not survive. Elsewhere, a very rare blonde hedgehog is found in a ditch channel at a bowls club, so the team set to work building a small ladder to prevent this happening again. Brian hopes the simple device, the first of its kind, can be installed in clubs around the country. Steve is also at the vets trying to get to the bottom of the bizarre case of the spinning hedgehog.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Steve Backshall
Contributor Brian May
Series Director Claudia Riccio
Series Producer Claudia Riccio
Children's Nature