Nadiya: Anxiety and Me

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Nadiya: Anxiety and Me


Behind the smiling face of Nadiya Hussain as she makes delicious food on TV lurks what she calls a monster. She and her husband Abdal are open about how her crippling anxiety affects their lives, which she describes as one of the most lonely and isolating things imaginable.

She has never been officially diagnosed, but wants to learn some coping mechanisms and find a way to cure her panic attacks and reliance on routines and rituals. We eavesdrop on her raw cognitive behavioural therapy sessions and hear why her anxiety started in childhood. It’s engrossing and painful, but will undoubtedly help many other sufferers.


Since Nadiya Hussain won The Great British Bake Off in 2015, she's rarely been off TV screens. But behind the scenes Nadiya suffers from extreme anxiety and debilitating panic attacks, which she's had since childhood. For decades, she has kept her anxiety a secret, ashamed to speak out. Now, she sets out to find the cause of her anxiety, exploring the most effective, available treatments, while also having therapy herself, in the hope of managing her anxiety.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Nadiya Hussain
Director Rob Farquar
Editor Tom Dixon-Spain
Executive Producer Tom Barry
Producer Ekta Walia