Bear's Mission with David Walliams

Bear's Mission with David Walliams



It’s a wet day in rural Devon, and David Walliams is standing on the top of a dam awaiting the arrival of Bear Grylls. “I feel quite rugged, actually, because I’ve got my beard and my woolly hat,” he jokes, before adding, “but I’m not a fan of mud.” And it’s not long before he’s having to draw on all his humorous reserves, as Bear takes the comedian and bestselling author on a roped-up, rigorous outward-bound crash course. Walliams admits quite early on that he doesn’t like heights, so you just know what’s coming. But never forget, he did swim the Channel, so there’s steel concealed beneath the occasional hysterics.

Inevitably, there’s something unpleasant planned for lunch – “No, no, no, no, no” is Walliams’s immediate response – but there are quieter moments when he opens up about being a father and handling depression.


The actor, author and Britain's Got Talent judge teams up with Bear Grylls for an adventure which pushes him to his limits in Devon. David Walliams has to throw a self-inflating life raft off the top of a 200-foot drop so they can cross a freezing cold lake. However, that doesn't go to plan. He also prepares a menu of dead rat for dinner, much to his disgust. Plus, David reveals how he first suffered from depression as a teenager, and speaks of the need for men in particular not to be ashamed to ask for help.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Bear Grylls
Contributor David Walliams
Director Nick O'Meally
Executive Producer David Harrison
Producer Mark Challender
Education Science