Victoria's Palace

Victoria's Palace


You ought to be an expert on Queen Victoria by the end of this week, what with the Lucy Worsley documentary on Saturday, the series three finale of the ITV drama on Sunday and now this look at life in Buckingham Palace during her reign.

It’s a reverential account from presenters Trevor McDonald and Julie Etchingham and one that wouldn’t look out of place as a featurette on a DVD box-set of the Jenna Coleman series. But there are a couple of gossipy insights on offer, such as the culinary titbit that, in later life, the monarch could polish off a nine-course meal in half an hour. And I wasn’t aware that Marble Arch once stood within a couple of feet of the palace, near the site of where its famous balcony is today.


Trevor McDonald and Julie Etchingham discover how Queen Victoria transformed Buckingham Palace from an unloved, unfinished and unfurnished building into the home of the monarchy. The pair reveal how this royal residence was dramatically redesigned by Victoria and Prince Albert, showing how their innovations are still used by the royal family today, while historians Amanda Foreman and Annie Gray and curators of the Royal Collection guide Trevor and Julie around Buckingham Palace's most important spaces.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Trevor McDonald
Presenter Julie Etchingham
Director Harvey Lilley
Executive Producer Judith Winnan
Producer Harvey Lilley