Inside Britain's Factories: Ribena and Tyrrells

Inside Britain's Factories: Ribena and Tyrrells

Series 1



Former deputy PM John Prescott takes a trip down memory lane to find out how two of his most cherished childhood treats are made - blackcurrant squash and the immortal crisp. In the Forest of Dean, John learns how Ribena produces its iconic berry-flavoured thirst-quencher. The concoction uses fully 90 per cent of the UK's national blackcurrant harvest. Then, deep in the Herefordshire countryside John visits the Tyrrells crisp factory to find out how the humble spud becomes a posh crisp. He also quizzes the snack pros as to how they develop some of their more unique flavours.

Cast & Crew

Presenter John Prescott
Director Gavin Barclay
Executive Producer Elaine Hackett
Executive Producer Kerry Brierley
Producer Gavin Barclay