Earth from Space

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Changing Planet

Series 1 - Episode 4 Changing Planet

Friday 11am - 12pm Eden
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Friday, 6pm - 7pm Eden


The finale of a sometimes captivating series has a focused story to tell, of human activity changing the planet at frightening speed. The show harnesses its best innovation – not just satellite photos, but time-lapse satellite photos – to capture cities expanding into the desert, and forests and glaciers shrinking. From high above we also usefully observe storms and wildfires fuelled by climate change.

Impressive spectacles, but Chiwetel Ejiofor’s narration has been gloopy and overcooked throughout. In episode one, emperor penguins were “one of our most iconic species”; now that thuddingly meaningless phrase is repeated verbatim for chimpanzees.


In the final episode of the series, cameras in space show that the surface of the Earth is changing at a rapid pace as cities grow, forests disappear and glaciers melt. In ever growing grey of cities one man is feeding thousands of parakeets, while in Sumatra, a female orangutan and her daughter face life in a forest under threat. Elsewhere in Tanzania, local people use satellites to re-plant a forest, securing the future for a family of chimpanzees.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Chiwetel Ejiofor
Executive Producer Jo Shinner
Producer Barny Revill
Series Producer Chloe Sarosh