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Getting Out

Series 1 - Episode 6 Getting Out



All the moving parts in Ghosts are top quality. Given how beautifully they mesh, I occasionally wish – and this is carping of the most pernickety kind, mind you – that the scripts were more comically cranked-up, asking more of the brilliant cast. The whole thing feels like a superbly oiled comedy machine that, in some stretches, cruises too sedately.

But then, when they wrote it they probably didn’t know quite how well everything would gel. Now they do, a second series (and there had better be one) could prove even funnier. But for now, there’s this one to close, with a visit from a woman representing a posh hotel chain (excellent guest star Rosie Cavaliero) shaking things up at Button Hall.

There’s a lovely scene where the ghosts try to dream up money-making schemes, including an erotic novel and a typically excited suggestion from Kitty (Lolly Adefope): “Let’s find a treasure map!”


A luxury hotel chain makes penniless and exhausted couple Mike and Alison an offer they can't refuse, but the prospect of their departure drives a wedge between the ghosts, and the hardline Captain finds himself ostracised, while Pat is voted in as reluctant leader. As the clueless spirits brainstorm money-making schemes, the Captain takes matters into his own hands. Meanwhile, fortune smiles on Headless Humphrey in his ceaseless search for his errant body.

Cast & Crew

Lady Button Martha Howe-Douglas
Thomas Thorne Mathew Baynton
Julian Simon Farnaby
Pat Jim Howick
Robin the Caveman/ Headless Humphrey's head Laurence Rickard
The Captain Ben Willbond
Alison Charlotte Ritchie
Mike Kiell Smith-Bynoe
Kitty Lolly Adefope
Mary Katy Wix
Headless Humphrey's body Yani Aleksandrov
Fiona Legge Rosie Cavaliero
Malcolm Surveyor Simon Bubb
Pilot 1 Simon Stache
Pilot 2 Florian Schwienbacher
Director Tom Kingsley
Producer Matthew Mulot
Writer Jim Howick
Writer Mathew Baynton
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