The Hunt for Jihadi John: Dispatches

The Hunt for Jihadi John

Series 1 - Episode 1 The Hunt for Jihadi John



Jihadi John” - real name Mohammed Emwazi - was the Isis fighter who appeared in a series of brutal videos murdering hostages while denouncing Western powers. One of many extraordinary things to emerge from this feature-length documentary is just how much is known about Emwazi’s life, not least his school years in Maida Vale, west London, where former teachers recall a shy student keen on Manchester United and S Club 7.

We see videos of Emwazi in the playground: the journey he went on from that sheepish, grinning boy to a black-clad figure in the desert beheading captives on camera feels unfathomable. But well-placed interviewees do their best to fathom it, including former hostages, anti-terrorist agents and those who eventually tracked him down in Raqqa.


Documentary telling the inside story of Mohammed Emwazi's journey from an ordinary London boy to becoming Jihadi John - one of the most notorious terrorists ever. It explores the shattered lives of his hostages and the emotional and psychological turmoil of the family members whose relatives were murdered by him, and gives the definitive account of the hunt for Jihadi John by CIA, Pentagon and British intelligence operatives, who have never spoken publicly about the operation until now.

Cast & Crew

Director Anthony Wonke
Editor Paul Monaghan
Executive Producer Jane Root
Executive Producer Lynne Kirby
Executive Producer Mike Lerner
Executive Producer Peter Lovering
Producer Richard Kerbaj
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