We Need to Talk About Lily

Series 10 - Episode 14 We Need to Talk About Lily



A Modern Family episode that doesn’t feature Luke and Haley – the dim-bulb side of the Dunphy clan – will never tick all the boxes for me. But by way of compensation, this has something we rarely see: Phil interacting with Pepper, the snooty friend of Mitch and Cam, for whom Phil is trying – desperately – to find a house.

Ever the optimist, Phil has shown him around 120 so far, but Pepper’s requirements include a piano bar, his-and-his dining rooms and a bathroom with a koi pond. He rejected the last place because it wasn’t zoned for his falcons. Is there something deeper going on? In other developments, Gloria reveals her excellently heartless attitude to pets, and Jay’s dog in particular.


Phil thinks he has come up trumps by finding Pepper his dream home, while Mitch and Cam try to connect with Lily by getting invited to an exclusive event for her favourite vlogger.