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Iron in War

Series 1 - Episode 6 Iron in War

Tue 17 Dec 10pm - 11pm ITV3
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Tue 17 Dec, 11pm - 12am ITV3+1 Freeview


This is an improvement on last week’s by-numbers opening part, thanks to revelations about an early gay activist organisation that make for a poignant subplot.

The drama is, of course, set at a time when homosexuality made you an enemy of the state in the eyes of the law. And as the women reel following Edward’s arrest, they discover the lengths to which his friends have gone in order to keep themselves safe in the closet. For Hailey, this then results in her opening up to Iris in the episode’s most notable scene. Actors Chanelle Peloso and Crystal Balint make the most of their moment to shine and the characters’ dialogue feels especially true to the period.


Having uncovered a covert system of corruption inside the police department, the women must go it alone, crafting a complex sting operation in order to save Edward and draw out two warring factions, thus ensuring justice is done. Millie and Jean's lives are upended when they are questioned in connection with Edward's `communist' activities, so time becomes precious, as the duo seem set to be deported back to the United Kingdom. Drama set during the mid-1950s, starring Crystal Balint, Rachael Stirling, Julie Graham and Chanelle Peloso.

Cast & Crew

Iris Bearden Crystal Balint
Millie Harcourt Rachael Stirling
Hailey Yarner Chanelle Peloso
Jean McBrian Julie Graham
Olivia Mori Jennifer Spence
Carl Primo Allon
Archie Hunter Peter Benson
Cadence Bearden Aria Birch
Edward Harcourt Luke Camilleri
Det Green Jason William Day
Smitty Trevor Lerner
Rusty Graeme McComb
Dennis Bearden Agape Mngomezulu
Paul Wesley Salter
Director Alexandra La Roche
Executive Producer Brian Hamilton
Executive Producer Michael MacLennan
Executive Producer Jake Lushington
Writer Daegan Fryklind
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