A Coburg Quartet

Series 3 - Episode 6 A Coburg Quartet



That Princess Feodora is a viper in the nest if ever there was one. Ever since she took up residence at the palace, there’s been nothing but strife. Tonight that progresses from a tinkling in the tea cups to a full-on china-smashing row between the royal couple: “Victoria, I think your intellect is overtaxed,” spits Alfred in one of those gloriously Germanic, patronising moments that drive the Queen (understandably) up the wall.

But as always, the drama also gets across with real poignancy how a monarch, and a queen in particular, must always feel embattled, resented and, at the end of the day, alone.

For light relief – huzzah! – there’s a palace ball, with guests dressed up in Georgian wigs and costumes. It’s a terrific production number that really dazzles, though poor Sophie, Duchess of Monmouth, is having a little difficulty with her bodice. Perhaps footman Joseph could help?


Emotions run wild when the Palace throws an opulent Georgian Ball to celebrate the christening of the queen's seventh child. Victoria feels overwhelmed by events, and looks back over some private etchings that remind her of simpler times. However, she is left distraught when the illustrations are sold to the press. Bertie's behaviour gets out of control, Joseph and Sophie's relationship develops further, and plans are made for a new coin - which both of the royal couple have their own ideas about.

Cast & Crew

Victoria Jenna Coleman
Prince Albert Tom Hughes
Lord John Russell John Sessions
Lord Palmerston Laurence Fox
Duke Charles of Monmouth Nicholas Audsley
King Leopold Alex Jennings
Abigail Turner Sabrina Bartlett
Joseph David Burnett
Princess Feodora Kate Fleetwood
Brodie Tommy Knight
Penge Adrian Schiller
Duchess Sophie of Monmouth Lily Travers
Lord Alfred Paget Jordan Waller
Lady Emma Portman Anna Wilson-Jones
Princess Vicky Louisa Bay
Prince Bertie Laurie Shepherd
Lady Lyttelton Siobhan O'Carroll
Hudson Gary Oliver
Coombe Hilton McRae
Archbishop of Canterbury Pete Ivatts
Director Chloe Thomas
Executive Producer Daisy Goodwin
Executive Producer Damien Timmer
Executive Producer Kate McKerrell
Producer David Boulter
Writer Daisy Goodwin
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