The Durrells

Series 4 - Episode 2



Louisa is feeling outnumbered. “Dotty kitten” Margo has run off to be independent (although she hasn’t exactly gone far) and Lugaretzia is laid up with a bad back, while a blustering Colonel Ribbindane (Alex Macqueen) doubles the numbers of male house guests. “I hear you’re a gun wallah,” he booms at Leslie, who’s looking after his ex Daphne’s baby. “Let’s go hunting.” Gerry’s determined they won’t.

You can see the dramatic ducks being set up in a row from mainland Greece, but so what? The sun shines, the Corfu scenery is gorgeous, the characters are charming, and how can you not warm to a drama that has Miles Jupp’s bumbling Basil deliver the line, “Sorry to penetrate your bolt hole” without a hint of archness or sauciness?


An encounter with Daphne leaves Leslie pondering the possibility of fatherhood. He offers to look after her baby for a day, only to find himself having to organise a hunting expedition for one of the guests. With an unfortunate shortage of wildlife to hand, he persuades basil to pretend to be a wild boar. Gerry is opposed to killing animals for sport, so he and Galini hatch a plan to sabotage the hunt. Margo moves in with Theo, and Louisa is on the receiving end of some slightly confused romantic advances.

Cast & Crew

Louisa Durrell Keeley Hawes
Larry Durrell Josh O'Connor
Gerald Durrell Milo Parker
Margo Durrell Daisy Waterstone
Leslie Durrell Callum Woodhouse
Florence Petridis Lucy Black
Spiros Halikiopoulos Alexis Georgoulis
Basil Miles Jupp
Theo Stephanides Yorgos Karamihos
Lugaretzia Anna Savva
Galini Olivia Lebedeva-Alexopoulou
Veronica Sophie May Wake
Mr Likourgos Gerasimos Skiadaresis
Dorothy Talitha Stone
Daphne Likourgou Elli Tringou
Col Ribbindale Alex Macqueen
Mrs Mavrokondas Alexandra Aidini
Director Roger Goldby
Executive Producer Simon Nye
Executive Producer Sally Woodward Gentle
Executive Producer Lee Morris
Executive Producer Keeley Hawes
Producer Christopher Hall
Writer Simon Nye
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