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Back to Life

Series 1 - Episode 1



Now this is a premise designed to hook you in: Miri Matteson (co-creator and star Daisy Haggard) is released from prison after 18 years and tries to find her way in a society she no longer really recognises. But here’s the interesting thing – only the characters and not the viewers initially know what her crime was. 

What we start to glean is that it must have been something grave (Miri is called “a sick bitch” over the phone and her mum hides the kitchen knives away in a cupboard). However, in the early stages, Haggard is busy building up our sympathies for Miri, which she does rather neatly in an opening episode shot through with off-kilter humour and compassion.


New series. Miri Matteson is released from prison after 18 years and moves back into the dysfunctional family home she involuntarily vacated as a teenager, living with the parents she can no longer hold a conversation with. She is determined to fit back into society and move on from her violent past, but a terrible event from it casts a shadow over everything. Comedy, starring Daisy Haggard, with Geraldine James, Adeel Akhtar and Richard Durden.

Cast & Crew

Miri Matteson Daisy Haggard
Billy Adeel Akhtar
Caroline Matteson Geraldine James
Oscar Matteson Richard Durden
Anna Souad Faress
Samuel Frank Feys
Dom's wife Jade Harrison
Janice Jo Martin
Dom Jamie Michie
Nathan Liam Williams
Director Christopher Sweeney
Executive Producer Harry Williams
Executive Producer Jack Williams
Executive Producer Sarah Hammond
Executive Producer Laura Solon
Executive Producer Christopher Sweeney
Producer Debbie Pisani
Writer Daisy Haggard
Writer Laura Solon
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