Foreign Bodies

Series 3 - Episode 4 Foreign Bodies



An outbreak of cholera is haunting London – Soho in particular – which brings one John Snow into the story. No relation to Jon Snow, obviously, this is Dr Snow, a mild, stuttering fellow whose theories about cholera don’t impress the medical establishment.

Which, by the laws of period drama, means he must be right, but the question is, will he be right in time to save Skerrett and Francatelli’s new venture from getting caught up in the outbreak?

Back at the palace, Skerrett is sorely missed, as the royal couple spurn each other and communicate via terse notes. No such froideur for the porcelain duchess: she and footman Joseph are getting on better and better…


Albert travels to Cambridge to accept a position as Chancellor of the university, leaving Victoria alone as London is ravaged by a deadly cholera epidemic. The crisis leads the queen to an encounter with eccentric physician John Snow, who is determined to end the crisis by discovering how the disease is spread - and a vital breakthrough is provided by a young nurse named Florence Nightingale. The Francatellis host an opening dinner for their new hotel, and Penge notices a growing attraction between Sophie and Joseph.

Cast & Crew

Victoria Jenna Coleman
Prince Albert Tom Hughes
Lord John Russell John Sessions
Lord Palmerston Laurence Fox
Duke Charles of Monmouth Nicholas Audsley
Abigail Turner Sabrina Bartlett
Joseph David Burnett
Princess Feodora Kate Fleetwood
Skerrett Nell Hudson
Francatelli Ferdinand Kingsley
Brodie Tommy Knight
Penge Adrian Schiller
Dr John Snow Sam Swainsbury
Duchess Sophie of Monmouth Lily Travers
Lord Alfred Paget Jordan Waller
Lady Emma Portman Anna Wilson-Jones
Prince Bertie Laurie Shepherd
Mrs Dolan Roisin O'Neill
Jenny Lind Alison Langer
Florence Nightingale Laura Morgan
Col Sibthrope Hugh Simon
Whewell Robert Goodale
Lord Powis Julian Firth
Dr Swinton Don Gallagher
Dr Merton Clive Hayward
Brewer David Schaal
Mrs Arbuthnot Lucy Briers
Princess Vicky Louisa Bay
Lady Lyttelton Siobhan O'Carroll
Speaker John Tueart
Ambassador for the King of Oudh Akbar Kurtha
Director Chloe Thomas
Executive Producer Daisy Goodwin
Executive Producer Damien Timmer
Executive Producer Kate McKerrell
Producer David Boulter
Writer Ottilie Wilford
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