The Bletchley Circle: San Francisco

Not Cricket

Series 1 - Episode 5 Not Cricket



If it wasn’t for the hidden stash of heroin, then I’d readily believe that this was a hitherto undiscovered story written by Enid Blyton. The Clever Code-Breakers, perhaps? It’s full of cyphers, messages scrawled in lipstick on mirrors and a secret location given away by the sound of seagulls on a telephone line (“Head to Kirrin Island!” I wanted to shout).

Tonight’s set-up will be one familiar to crime drama fans: a bloodied stranger collapses on Millie and Jean’s doorstep. The problem is that the subsequent mystery feels overly familiar too. In fact, most of the clues land with all the subtlety of an Enigma machine dropped from the second-storey window of a San Fran townhouse.


A bloodied and battered stranger collapses on Millie and Jean's doorstep, dragging them into a mysterious warring underworld. In a race against time, the four women must unravel the patterns behind a series of attacks in order to avoid becoming the next victims. Drama set during the mid-1950s, following four women gifted with extraordinary intelligence, capacity for pattern recognition and decryption. Crystal Balint, Rachael Stirling, Julie Graham and Chanelle Peloso star.

Cast & Crew

Iris Bearden Crystal Balint
Millie Harcourt Rachael Stirling
Hailey Yarner Chanelle Peloso
Jean McBrian Julie Graham
Detective Bill Bryce Ben Cotton
Olivia Mori Jennifer Spence
Edward Harcourt Luke Camilleri
Director Alexandra La Roche
Executive Producer Michael MacLennan
Executive Producer Brian Hamilton
Executive Producer Jake Lushington
Writer Michael MacLennan
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