Grand Designs: The Street

Grand Designs: The Street

Series 1 - Episode 4



Most of us can just about assemble a bit of flatpack furniture, but Chris and Roxie, the youngest self-builders on the Bicester project, are making a whole house out of 380 plywood boxes screwed together.

It’s a bold, experimental plan: the system has never been used like this before, and progress is stressful. Once again, the pressure on a relationship that seemed concrete causes cracks to show.

Meanwhile, Peter and Anita, currently living in a cramped semi, hope to build a home more suited to their family’s needs – and become mortgage-free in the process. Both homes look terrific in the end.


Kevin McCloud follows two more plots on the epic five-year self-build in Oxfordshire. Twenty-five-year-olds Chris and Roxie take a risk building their first home together using an untested flatpack construction system. Meanwhile, Peter and Anita and their two teenagers have outgrown their current house and are keen to upsize. Father and son hope to bond while building a family home with space for all - but the process is not all plain sailing.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Kevin McCloud
Executive Producer John Comerford
Series Producer Rob Gill