Designated Survivor

The Results

Series 1 - Episode 8 The Results



Tom is on the cusp of restoring the government. In just a day's time, the nation will elect the new members of the House of Representatives, which is an important step towards healing the country - and to legitimising his presidency. Unfortunately, an unexpected outbreak of a potentially fatal disease in Kansas City threatens to derail the whole process. With the situation promising widespread panic, Tom needs to keep the country calm so that people will vote. However, a shocking revelation about the illness comes to light, threatening to destroy any attempts to restore normality. Political drama, starring Kiefer Sutherland.

Cast & Crew

Thomas Kirkman Kiefer Sutherland
Alex Kirkman Natascha McElhone
Aaron Shore Adan Canto
Emily Rhodes Italia Ricci
Mike Ritter LaMonica Garrett
Leo Kirkman Tanner Buchanan
Seth Wright Kal Penn
Hannah Wells Maggie Q
Jason Atwood Malik Yoba
Peter MacLeish Ashley Zukerman
Kimble Hookstraten Virginia Madsen
Director Chris Grismer
Executive Producer Suzan Bymel
Executive Producer Jon Harmon Feldman
Executive Producer Carol Flint
Executive Producer Mark Gordon
Executive Producer Jennifer Johnson
Executive Producer Joe Lazarov
Executive Producer David Guggenheim
Executive Producer Simon Kinberg
Executive Producer Ann Kindberg
Executive Producer Paul Redford
Executive Producer Nicholas Pepper
Executive Producer Aditya Sood
Executive Producer Kiefer Sutherland
Executive Producer Frederick EO Toye
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