Series 1 - Episode 7



We’ve got so involved with the stories of the ragged group of daredevils on their road race north to escape the monsters over the past few weeks that it’s easy to forget that the main story takes place during just one night. That’s where flashbacks come in, as we spend most of this episode finding out how the outbreak that led to a tenth of the world’s population being wiped out by bloodthirsty zombies began, some five years previously, at that scenic research institute run by Harriet Walter.

As the teams head into Scotland, are some people beginning to wobble about the purpose of their journey? It’s nicely tense as we count down to day zero of the outbreak.


The remaining racers near the finish line as they approach the Highlands, and Kaye reveals a secret she has been keeping for years when she makes a shocking confession to Michael.

Cast & Crew

Kaye Newman Phoebe Fox
Ruby Newman Aimee-Ffion Edwards
Michael Garwick Malachi Kirby