Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Hitchcock & Scully

Series 6 - Episode 2 Hitchcock & Scully



Useless slobs Hitchcock and Scully finally take centre stage in this entertaining episode, which flashes back to their 1980s heyday as New York’s buffest, toughest and most radical detectives.

Watching the young, handsome versions of Hitchcock and Scully take down bad guys Lethal Weapon-style is a real treat (as is the fact that somehow they found actors that resembled regular stars Joel McKinnon Miller and Dirk Blocker), but their antics may hide a darker side in the present day, where Jake is convinced that missing evidence implicates them in corruption.

Boyle, though, is less sure – but when he’s being taken in by an obvious internet scam artist, why should Jake listen to his judgement anyway?


Peralta and Boyle look into an old case belonging to Hitchcock and Scully from the 1980s. The uniformed officers and detectives fight over resources at the precinct building.

Cast & Crew

Det Jake Peralta Andy Samberg
Det Rosa Diaz Stephanie Beatriz
Sgt Terry Jeffords Terry Crews
Det Amy Santiago Melissa Fumero
Det Charles Boyle Joe Lo Truglio
Gina Linetti Chelsea Peretti
Capt Ray Holt Andre Braugher
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